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If you need to transport freight of any type from Adelaide to Sydney, Loadshift can connect you to a carrier. If you are a carrier heading back to Sydney from Adelaide and you have an empty trailer or extra room available, use Loadshift to fill your truck. It's 100% FREE to request freight transport from Adelaide to Sydney on Loadshift. Call us on 1300 562 374 for more information.
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Adelaide is Australia's 5th largest city. Its position on the Australian continent makes it an important hub for transport of goods across Australia with both East-West and North-South routes passing through the city. Thousands of loads of freight are shipped from Adelaide to destinations across Australia every day. The route used to ship goods from Adelaide to Melbourne is a journey of 727 km which takes approximately 8 hours to complete. The most popular type of freight to be shipped from Adelaide to Melbourne is cars, mobile machinery, general freight, shipping containers / trailers and caravans.
Loadshift provides a unique service for shippers and carriers. For shippers, our easy to use and free quoting system allows you to put the details of your freight shipment in front of our members. After posting your load, you'll receive quotes from professional truckers that can deliver your shipment safely and on time. You negotiate with the carrier to get the best price. As members, carriers / truckers can look for loads that need to be shipped on a route they are already headed down. For example, if a carrier delivers a load that was shipped from Adelaide to Melbourne but doesn't have a load to carry for the return trip, Loadshift can help them find a load to fill their truck so they don't drive back to Adelaide with an empty rig!

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