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2 x Trailers
Qty: 2
1 mm (l) x 1 mm (w) x 1 mm (h)
1 kg
1 kg

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2 kg
We have 2 x trailers to be relocated from Gingin WA to Stapylton Qld. 1 x semi trailer water tank @ 14.1 x 2.5 x 4.1 x 30T 1 x A trailer (no turntable for B double configuration) loaded with various items. Not sure of dimensions but standard A trailer @ 16T with load. Both trailers have recently undergone a service in preparation of travel.

Pickup and Dropoff

Gingin, WA 6503 15 Dec 2023
15 Dec 2023
Stapylton, QLD 4207
Est. 4,330 km

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Trailers to be towed

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