Full set car seats with a few bits and pieces Full set car seats with a few bits and pieces

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Full set car seats with a few bits and pieces
Qty: 1
1300 mm (l) x 1000 mm (w) x 800 mm (h)
40 kg
40 kg
Loading facilities on pickup: Forklift on.Loading facilities on dropoff: Forklift off.Special loading/unloading instructions: Call [CONTENT REDACTED] 30 min prior delivery. On the pallet:On the pallet 1) The seats set its made of 3 "single" seats and 1 "double" seat. All leather seats very important not to be scratched! 2) 4 doors panels packed together. 3) There is also a plastic garnish, very light and wrapped with the seats so won't affect much weight and size of the pallet. Total weight 40kg max (probably less) Standard pallet size

Pickup and Dropoff

Lidsdale, NSW 2790 26 Nov 2023
26 Nov 2023
Moama, NSW 2731
Est. 706 km

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