Deceased Horse Transport Deceased Horse Transport

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Deceased Horse Transport
Qty: 1
4000 mm (l) x 2400 mm (w) x 1000 mm (h)
800 kg
800 kg
We are looking for discreet transport of newly deceased horses to our crematorium site at Lowanna NSW (1 hour west of Coff's Harbour). Driver/operator will need to be considerate, discreet, and able to communicate effectively with bereaved people while loading the horse onto transport. We currently use a covered car trailer with ramp and winch to pick up each dead horse. Candidates for this job should have a similar transport option such as a body truck and crane with suitable slings or a covered trailer and winch arrangement. Work is ongoing at the rate of 2-4 horses per month and growing. We will consider supplying a suitable trailer, ramp, and winch setup as well as training for the right operator. This option would require a vehicle with 3.5 tonne towing capacity, preferably a four-wheel drive.

Pickup and Dropoff

Sydney, NSW 2000 10 Nov 2023
10 Nov 2023
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
Est. 527 km

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