Bulk load of liquid compost extract to be moved in tankers Bulk load of liquid compost extract to be moved in tankers

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Bulk load of liquid compost extract to be moved in tankers
Qty: 38000
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38000 kg
38000 kg

Total weight of all items

1444000000 kg
Loading facilities on pickup: Forklift on, Silo Loading. Loading facilities on dropoff: Forklift off, Silo Loading. Special loading/unloading instructions: The liquid will be pumped in and out of the tanker. Hello. This is for CarbonRich Liquid Humus. This is a non corrosive, non hazardous liquid with the same viscosity and bulk density as water (1litre=1kg). It has a small amount of non abrasive sediment that readily flows out of all tankers used so far. The pickup and delivery locations are b double capable, and b double is preferred. There will be 1-2 more loads required in the next few weeks to the same area. The pickup location can fill a b double within an hour. The quantity listed is in Litres. If your tanker can take more litres within your weight limit, we would fill to your capacity. The photo is of the liquid in a tanker trailer.

Pickup and Dropoff

Murrami, NSW 2705 05 Dec 2023
05 Dec 2023
Guyra, NSW 2365
Est. 871 km

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