USER Security Notice

22 December 2021

Loadshift Admin would like to make it clear that the following transport providers are NOT affiliated with the Loadshift Transport System...

* John Crooks/Joel McCorkindale (J and C Transport)

* Peter Craig Mann (Relocation Services)

* Adam (Austowing OR Aus Rentals) - Also known as &/or affiliated with... Auto Haul Australia

* George (Georow Transport) - also known as... G & R Haulage or Adelaide Interstate Haulage

* Marie (Samar Couriers)

* Vivian (VSK Transport)

* Muhummad Javed Abbas

* Regan Sharrock (Statewide Lifting & Logistics)

* Chris Bennett (One Stop Vehicle Shop)


If you have any queries please contact Loadshift Admin on
- 1300 56 23 74