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09 April 2021

Hear The Story Behind Loadshift - the Western Sydney Tech Co that Disrupted Trucking in Australia

If you’ve ever been curious to hear how Loadshift began, now’s your chance – as our fearless leader Phil Callaghan features in Episode 10 of the podcast, Getting to the Heart of BusinessListen to the incredible story unfold as James from TheOnlineCo. interviews Loadshift founder Philip Callaghan.


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The idea for Loadshift was born when Phil, an entrepreneur with a background in earthmoving equipment and agriculture, saw a gap in the industry: trucks without loads, and shippers without a carrier didn’t have a fast and easy way to connect.


That changed when Phil bootstrapped his business idea from his own resources – and with a lot of trial and error, and an unshakeable belief that he could make a difference, transformed the way the trucking industry works in Australia.

Through what is now a very high-tech, online marketplace, Loadshift has transformed how truckers and shippers communicate. Today, the Loadshift team have so much data at their fingertips, that they’re able to see economic trends and shifts happening in real-time – weeks before we hear about it on the evening news.

But in this interview, you’ll hear how Phil’s journey has been anything but smooth sailing. He hit many speedbumps on the road – in fact when Loadshift was first launched, it simply didn’t work! He’s also faced his fair share of opposition – including personal threats, a legal battle, and a long struggle to make the business financially sustainable.

His story is one of determination and grit which highlights the fact that if something doesn’t work first time, tweak and try again!

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4:08 – Phil gets his start in the family business – and notices a gap in the transport industry.

9:42 – How it all began: “I’m a tech entrepreneur who bootstrapped his business.”

12:41 – “As a business owner, you’ve gotta find your tribe, your group of followers.”

15:39 – Failure to launch. What next?

21:45 – Time to tweak the financial model.

24:22 – Changing life for the ‘little guys’ in industry.

26:06 – Phil and the Loadshift team face one of their biggest battles.

31:48 – Impact of 2020 border closures on the industry.

34:17 – Phil and his business undergo a major identity shift.



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