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As a Shipper do you ever feel uneasy about handing over payment before your cargo has been delivered? Or as a Carrier have you ever supplied your transport services and felt a little uncomfortable about possibly not being paid on time?

This secured payment service (escrow), powered by Checkvault, helps take the risk out of doing business.

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How does it work?

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This service simply works by...

  • The Shipper making payment into Checkvault’s trust account, with the Carrier then being notified that their money is secure and allocated just for them.
  • The Carrier picks up and delivers the cargo.
  • Upon satisfied delivery, the Shipper and Carrier agree that the funds held in trust can be paid to the Carriers account.

You can trust Checkvault

Built on a solid foundation...

Checkvault’s partner, Perpetual Corporate Trust has over 120 years of experience as a professional trustee.

No anonymous payments...

All accounts undergo a simple but robust identification check.

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This secured payment service is provided via a low 1.95% fee calculated on the value of the transaction amount (with a minimum fee of $60 and a maximum of $350).




Freight Amount: $3,000
1.95% = $58.50
Charged Fee: $60
(Note: the minimum fee of $60 has been charged)


Freight Amount: $3,950
1.95% = $77.02
Charged Fee: $77.02

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Please Note: This secured payment service is completely optional.