Loadshift traces its origins back to the earthmoving industry.

Founder of Loadshift Philip Callaghan spent many years buying and selling earthmoving parts & equipment around Australia.

On one occasion having purchased a Bulldozer south of Perth in Western Australia, Philip spent a couple of weeks trying to find the right transport to bring the machine home to Sydney.

Shortly after having the bulldozer delivered, a Transport Carrier contacted Philip and said “I’m in Perth, would you have anything that I could bring over to the East Coast for you?” To which Philip replied “Sorry Mate, but I wish I had known about you a week ago.”

This interaction triggered the thought…

"There must be another way."

Birthed during 2006, Loadshift officially went live early 2007.

From Day One, Loadshift has strived to provide a fair transparent system… with ZERO Commission… and NO third party involvement. Just Cargo Owners and Transport Providers networking and doing business directly with each other.